VIVO IPL 2021 Patch for Cricket 19 [PC Game]

Since the release of Cricket 19 and its inbuilt “Cricket Academy” and “Creators”, modding has never been more easier. Players are gradually moving from Cricket 07 to Cricket 19 and since we also play that game more, it makes sense to post more content about the latter from now on.

It’s been a while since we’ve shared Cricket Patches 2021 with you and with the buzz going on about VIVO IPL 2021 PC Game lately, we feel that you’d love to play this.

IPL 2021 Patch Contents

  • Latest IPL 2021 Kits
  • Updated IPL 2021 Stadiums with new Adboards and Pitchads
  • Plenty of new IPL 2021 faces

IPL 2021 Screenshots

How Download & Install IPL 2021 PC Game?

This is probably the most easiest part in Cricket 19. The steps to download any mods are:

  1. Launch Cricket 19
  2. Go to Modes > Cricket Academy > Community
  3. Select “Teams
  4. Type “wasteyouryouth” under the Username section and tap on “Begin Search
  5. Download all the IPL 2021 Teams
  6. Follow the same process for the Stadiums.

How to Play IPL 2021 PC Game?

To play the IPL 2021 PC Game, you need to create the competition first by yourself since you cannot download them from Cricket Academy. Don’t worry, it’s a very simple task and all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to Cricket Academy > Designers > Competition Designer
  2. Follow the settings mentioned below, give it any custom name (IPL 2021 for example) and save the changes
  3. Then go back to the main menu > Modes > Competition > Custom Men’s
  4. Select the name of the custom competition you created previously (IPL 2021 for example) and add the teams which you downloaded previously.
  5. Enjoy the VIVO IPL 2021 PC Game!
Competition Designer – IPL 2021 Settings

We’ll also be releasing a video very soon for your convenience so do follow the article and our YouTube channel.

-Stellar Mods

Very easy right? You don’t even have to worry about manually downloading and installing every single file because they can be done within the Cricket Academy itself.

Do drop your comments about your thoughts on the kits, stadium and faces. A lot of effort was put into them by wasteyouryouth (do check out his YouTube channel).

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