Pepsi IPL 6 Patch (PC Game) for EA Sports Cricket 2007 – Free Download! (GM StudioZ)



Pepsi IPL 6 2013 Patch for Cricket07

Pepsi IPL 6 2013 Patch for Cricket07Aloha guys! We all watch IPL, don’t we? It’s the largest cricket league in the world, and is obviously, the richest. We all love to watch it, and I’m sure what you wanted from us is the Pepsi IPL 6 Mega Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007!


Other System Requirements:-


2.00 GHz Intel Processor or Higher

2GB of RAM DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D accelerated 256 MB video card or Higher

1200 MB free HDD space plus space for Patch in the Root DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

MS-compatible mouse Keyboard Required Operating Systems: Windows(R) 2000 or Windows(R) XP or Windows(R) 7

Note that Windows(R) 95, Windows(R) 98, Windows(R) ME and Windows NT(R) 4.0 are not supported. Required Software: DirectX 9.0c or higher

Features of the Pepsi IPL 6 Patch by GM StudioZ:-

  • Real Stadiums
  • Real Overlays
  • Marvelous Menu
  • Realistic kits
  • New boundary ropes
  • Electron Ad-Boards
  • New Crowds
  • New Camera
  • Ultimate Menu
  • New Renders
  • Realistic Faces

How to Play IPL 6 in-game?

1. Run the Game using default EXE(Modified not recommended).
2. Load Your Profile and IPL13 roster.
3. Goto Game Modes/Domestic/English Cricket & IPL6/Pepsi IPL.
4. Choose Season as 2006-07 & difficulty Level. 5.Choose User team and enjoy IPL6!

Enjoy full hd 1280 x 720px screenshots!

[nggallery id=2]

How to Download & Install?


Download Link Part #1: Click Here
Download Link Part #2: Click Here
Please do comment your views on this patch! We’ve worked really hard on it and I’m sure you’ll like it if you’ll install it perfectly. We’ll be having a gameplay video and video tutorial soon! So till then, that’s all folks!
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  1. guys download link part 2 is not working

  2. guys download link part 2 is not working

  3. what is the pssword

  4. what is the pssword

  5. unable to load roster

  6. The Names Are Not Correct Of Teams And Players