LA Revo 2.0 + Real Traffic [5Real Basement Pack] Mod for GTA V


L.A. REVO 2.0 is the first revolutionary all in one mod – it replaces the entire map with: Custom Buildings, Real Billboards, Real Brands, Terrain Retexture at 30% at moment, new emissive night lights, custom gameconfig, vegetation and props etc.

Feel the real L.A. experience from the comfort of your home, 5Real is the first revolutionary GTA V mod pack helping you to transform the whole world of Los Santos into Los Angeles with ease. 5Real adds real architecture, real traffic and real terrains. We will be continuously releasing more updates including graphics, physics, pads and much more!

The aim of the basement pack is to maximise the immersion of GTA V and make it as realistic as possible. The developers describe it as the “start of the journey to make real life based alt world”.


  1. Clean GTA V [No Other Mods Installed]
  2. OpenIV [Download]
  3. Real California Architecture [Download]
  4. HeapAdjuster [Download]

Installation Instructions

  1. Firstly, make a backup and install the game only in the “mods” folder else you’ll have a risk of getting banned online!
  2. If you want to install any graphic mods like Natural Vision Evolved (NVE) or QuantV, please install them first. It is optional to install the graphic mods.
  3. Install Real California Architecture Mod.
  4. Install LA Revo 2.0 using the Open IV’s package installer.
  5. Install all the Real Traffic mod parts [1-3].
  6. Install HeapAdjuster with Heap Size of 2000.


Let’s not waste any more time because I’m pretty sure you’re sold on trying this mod out just by viewing the video itself! To download the mod officially, you have to subscribe to the creator’s Patreon. If you can afford the fee, please support the developer so that they can keep creating such amazing content for a game which has had an active modding community for 6+ years.

If for whatever reason you cannot afford the fee, you can download LA Revo 2.0 + Real Traffic Mod for free. The link has been uploaded by someone else and we are only sharing it for educational purposes.

Currently we do not have any mirrors so it’s possible that the link could go down any time.

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One thought on “LA Revo 2.0 + Real Traffic [5Real Basement Pack] Mod for GTA V

  1. More detailed installation instructions are also mentioned among the downloaded files, so make sure to follow that! Also, NVE post to come out very soon, which is very well compatible with LA Revo 2.0. We’re trying our best to share the latest June updates of the both the mods with you all!

    Also, expect more of GTA V content on Stellar Mods ๐Ÿ˜‰