• January 25, 2022
Guess what? EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch has been so popular that it has crossed 100,000+ downloads! It’s a record for OMGAyush Productions. IPL5 Patch has crossed 5,000+ downloads! Yes, it’s currently the #1 patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007 for free! So guess what? There’s a good news! We have released another patch which is compatible with EA Sports Cricket 2012 and IPL 5 Patch! Now that’s the exciting news the world wants, isn’t it?
KFC Big Bash League Mini Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2012 + IPL 5 Patch
The Latest KFC Big Bash League Patch, which is of course free for all, has been released by OMGAyush Productions and It’s co-ordinates. It’s just like the IPL-5 Patch you installed for EA Sports Cricket 2012. But unlike IPL-5 Patch, this requires both EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch and IPL-5 Patch by OMGAyush Productions Installed; otherwise you know it won’t work. More details below
  •The download is provided by MediaFire and is 100% authentic. You may trust it.
  •The game is 100% Virus Free!
  •The game is 100% of NO COST!
  •The game has NO Ads in it!
  • Torrent will be available soon!
NOTE: This patch requires EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch, EA Sports Cricket IPL 5 Patch and EA Sports Cricket 2007 (obviously!) . Without it, this patch will NOT work at all and don’t blame me for errors. Please follow my instructions carefully before installing anything!


  • KFC Big Bash League Latest 2012 Fixtures!
• Realistic KFC BBL Stadiums!
• Ultimate 256 Bats! (assigned to the dedicated players)
• KFC BBL Menu Overlays!
• Small in size and easy step by step installation by OMGAyush!
Only 4.5mb!!

How To Play?

  *Launch Game with OMGAyush Cric12.exe.
  1. Load the U-IPL5 Roster first
  2. Go to Tournaments
  3. Then Click on DOMESTIC
  4. Then go to ENGLISH/INDIAN Cricket
  5. Select KFC Big Bash League 2011/2012 or Friends Life T20 Cup.
  6. Set fixtures as “2006” overs as “20”
  7. Select User Team & Start playing KFC Big Bash League 2012 with Actual Fixtures!


✔ You must have install EA Cricket 2007 PC Game : Click Here To Check It Out!
✔ You have to install Cricket 2012 Mega Patch :   Click Here To Check It Out!
✔ You have to install EA Sports Cricket IPL-5 Patch Too: Click Here To Check It Out!
(Otherwise this patch will not work)

After Downloading The Above Patches/Game(s) 

1. Finally just right click on downloaded KFC BBL Mini Patch file and click on extract.2. Double Click on “BBL-Mini-Patch.exe” file to run the setup and install this patch to your EA Cricket 2007 Directory where you have already install both Cricket 2012 Mega Patch & DLF IPL-12 Patch.


Click on the images to enlargen them:
Download Links
✔ The IPL 5 Patch: Click here to download!  [Password: omgayush]
✔ Complete Cricket 12 Patch:  Click Here To Download!
✔ KFC Big Bash League Patch: (Only 4.2mb!) : Click Here To Download! [Password: omgayush]
You may also download the torrent if you don’t want to download those files:
Please seed it for other users 🙂 Sharing is caring! (Direct Download!)
Last but not the last, enjoy playing the patch. You don’t know what each file takes OMGAyush to make the entire patch and Perhaps he’s just a human being like you! So please comment and thank him below. Any questions, queries, doubts, problems will be cleared here through comments or in youtube through comments or messages. Thank you for playing!