• January 25, 2022

GM StudioZ, the most popular studio after A2 Studios in the EA Sports Cricket07 Patches history, has yet another created a mega-patch for their fans – yes – it’s the ICC World Cup 2015 Patch for EA Sports Cricket07 finally released!


  • Install EA Sports Cricket07 (in-case you don’t have it installed) without any installed patches (remove if you have installed any before).
  • Install the GM StudioZ CWC 2015 Base pack.
  • Install the batpack and Add-ons.
  • Extract the GM StudioZ CWC 2015 Roster to the documents directory.

How to Play

  • Go to Game Modes -> International -> ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
  • Choose the season as 2003 Only! Not 2007!
  • Choose difficulty level, your team and start enjoying! 😉

Download ICC World Cup 2015 Patch

You have to download each and every file below and follow the steps given above in order to avoid any kind of async. errors.

GM StudioZ #CWC15 Patch (134.5mb)

GM StudioZ #CWC15 Roster (123 kb)

GM StudioZ #CWC15 BatPack (25.59mb)

GM StudioZ #CWC15 Add-Ons (3.6mb)

Make sure that after you’ve downloaded, installed and played the game, share us your reviews – may it be criticism or appreciation, we would love your response in comments! If you encounter any problems regarding this patch, you may comment below.