• January 25, 2022

Hello there, folks!

Are you ever bored with the same old “Are you really kidding me?” 3D graphics in Cricket07? Well, finally, Ankit from PlanetCricket has released a Graphics Enhancer Modificiation (MOD) For Cricket07! If you’ve ever played GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and you know ENB Series, this is based on that. In GTA, ENB Series was used to enhance graphics, now the same ENB series source code has been used in Cricket07 to enhance it’s graphics!


  • HDR Lighting
  • Real-time Reflections
  • Bloom
  • Colour Corrections


Just extract the contents of the .rar into the Cricket 07 root directory.


  • Requires at least a graphic card with Shader 3.0 enabled.
  • Hasn’t been tested with Shader 2.0, so we cannot guarantee if it will work on graphic cards with shader 2.0.


  • Compatible with all modified exe’s (OMGAyush Cric12 and AbBh’s Modified Exe).
  • Compatible with all the patches made by CricketCastle.com.


  • Try to Switch on Anti-Aliasing and set Details to High and enable Shadows in-game in System Setting.
  • Post Screenshots of the game with the mod in this thread and also post a brief review along with it.
  • To take Screenshots just Click the PrintScreen button and the screenshot will get stored automatically in the root directory in .bmp format.
  • To Switch off effects ingame, Press Shift+F12.


In order to use the GFX Enhancer with Abbh’s exe or OMGAyush Cric12.exe you guys need to paste the files twice in two different folders:

  • Firstly at the root directory.
  • Secondly at the Temp folder.

Further tips to get it correct:

  • Temp folder is located here “C:UsersxyzAppDataLocalTemp” in Windows 7.
  • Here “xyz” will be different according to your Windows username.
  • You can alternatively locate it by typing “%temp%” without quotes in the Run Dialog Box. (This works with all versions of Windows)
  • To bring up Run Dialog Box in Windows 7 Press Start Button+R.



What’re you waiting for now? Ofcourse, the download link! It’s free, and there’s no survey or something like that! Just share the download link from below to unlock and download graphics enhancer for cricket07 via MediaFire!

Download Now: https://www.mediafire.com/?wmnyjhjqn85odki

Do leave a comment if you face any problems – I’m always there to help ya’ll!