NOTE: This error completely belongs to a PlanetCricket member, Shubham Pathak (shubham466). Cricket Patches is not endorsed by PlanetCricket or this software, the software belongs to it’s original owner, Shubham Pathak.

About :-

“Cricket 07 Error Finder” lets you scan & search for some Bats,Fixture & Xml errors.It works on missing file which has been deleted during installation of any patch or deleted by mistake.
Error Finder finds missing file which gives an error in cricket 07.

License :-

Cricket 07 Error Finder is total property of its respective author.It may not be redistributed without permission from the author.
If permitted to post somewhere, then ‘Credit’ must be given to the author of this application.

Features :-

* Scans for Bats , Fixture & Xml Errors and find which file is missing.
* Quick scan feature.
* Now you don’t have to open the game if you are regularly getting an error.Just Open this application and get the missing file name.
* You can save your scan results in .txt format.

Requirements :-

For XP Users- You’ll have to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher; in order to run this application.
You’ll find it here.

For Windows 7 Or Vista Users-May be .NET Framework 3.5 is not required because it comes with Windows installation by default.

How To Use :-

1.Set Your Cricket 07 Root Directory First.
(Generally Located at C:Program FilesEA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07)
2.Select any CheckBox to scan for a particular type of error.
3.Now Click on the “Start Scan” button.It will now scan your selected directory.
4.Check the log window, after scanning is complete.

*Note-You have to reset the application every time , If you want to scan any root again.
Just click on the “Reset All Settings” button to reset your application.

Credits :-

Special thanks to BlitzBerg (Varun) for testing this tool.

Download :-

Download Error Finder v1.0 for C07

If you have any questions you may drop a comment below and we will follow our policy of responding within 24 hours. Note that this software is NOT made by me but by Shubham Pathak from PlanetCricket.