The old but gold IPL-4 Patch was released by OMGAyush Productions in 2010 and had many downloaders (above 50,000 worldwide). Unfortunately due to a misunderstandings between google, youtube and me the post was deleted. So I made another post for you all after so many requests.
DLF-IPL-4 Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2007

The first and the latest released IPL-4 Patch, made by OMGAyush Productions is the best out of the world. It was made in 2010 (of course) and I had made a post on it which got deleted. So I made another post of IPL-4 here. The features are as follows:
  •The download is provided by MediaFire and is 100% authentic. You may trust it.
  •The game is 100% Virus Free!
  •The game is 100% of NO COST!
  •The game has NO Ads in it!
  • Torrent is available!
• Includes installer!
NOTE: This patch requires EA Sports Cricket 2007. Without it, this patch will NOT work at all and don’t blame me for errors. Please follow my instructions carefully before installing anything!


  • IPL 4 Fixtures!
• Realistic IPL-4 Stadiums!
• Ultimate 150 Bats! (assigned to the dedicated players)
• IPL Menu Overlay!
• Small in size and easy step by step installation by OMGAyush!

How To Install & Play?

  • Downloaded All 6 RAR Files & keep them into the same Directoy of your choice, & Extract them.
  • Run “IPL4PATCH.EXE” and install the patch in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007’s Root Directory.
  • Download & Install “ZaxWillowz™,The Ultimate 150 Batpack”.
  • Download & Install IPL-4 Tournament Logos & Winner’s Trophy .
  • Download “IPL4.RAR” file, after Downloading, copy All the files from “Extras” folder & paste to your Cricket 2007 Root Directory. But Don’t copy/install the IPL4.ros present in that rar file!
  • Copy “IPL4.ros” Folder which is included with the IPL4Patch.exe & Paste in “EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07” located in My Documents.
  • In game, Load the “IPL4.ros” first, & start playing Realistic IPL-4 Patch!


All you need is a clean EA Cricket 2007 PC Game.



  1. The IPL 4 Patch: Click here to download
  2. ZaxWillowz 150 Batpack HD (Zaxotes): Click Here to download
Last but not the last, enjoy playing the patch. You don’t know what each file takes OMGAyush to make the entire patch and Perhaps he’s just a human being like you! So please comment and thank him below. Any questions, queries, doubts, problems will be cleared here through comments or on YouTube via comments.