Here’s a video that shows you the Don Bradman Cricket 14 Batting Gameplay Tutorial and Tips on XBOX 360.

This video focuses on the batting side of the game and some tips to try help you out. It will probably seem confusing and probably will be in game so your best bet is just simply to practice. Sorry if this doesn’t help you guys understand some aspects of the batting side of the game as it was quite difficult to try explain how certain things worked.

If you’re batting, things are initially just as tricky. When the ball is released by the bowler there is a coloured halo around it to indicate a short, full, or good length ball. You decide to play forward or back with the left stick while the right stick controls your bat. So depending on the direction of the ball you can drive, pull, or cut. If you’re confident you can use the triggers to play an aggressive shot, defensive shot, or by holding them both down an aggressive shot – but along the ground. As you would expect, playing aggressively makes timing your shots more difficult in a realistic fashion.