About Us

About Stellar Mods

Stellar Mods aims to provide mods, patches, graphic sets for EA Sports Cricket 07, Big Ant Cricket Series (14-19), FIFA series, PES series along with Tools, Tutorials, News & much more for the same. We have been posting content for free of cost since 2011.

“Stellar Mods” is a rebrand of “Cricket Castle” which has been providing mods for Cricket games since 2011.

How it all started

It all started with a YouTube channel named “OMGAyush” back in 2011 when I had created a video on EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch. It received 200,000+ views within a week with an overwhelmingly positive response. I thought I could make use of this sudden fame which resulted in the formation of CricketPatches[dot]com which received excellent traffic. It was suspended from Google after a few months due to third party ads so I decided to rebrand Cricket Patches to Cricket Castle.

The official logo of CricketPatches

Cricket Castle

Cricket Castle (2013-2020) was easily my most successful creation and it’s something I’d never forget. I got to interact with thousands of viewers via YouTube comments, website comments, e-mail and other social media.

It did require some investment on the domain, web-hosting and maintenance but the port to WordPress was a much needed one and it ended up being very well worth it. Cricket Castle peaked during 2015-2016 where the traffic crossed 20,000+ views on a daily basis. Post 2017, the traffic only went downhill as the hype for Cricket 07 mods was slowly dying with the release of Big Ant Cricket series. We also had some of our content being blacklisted by Google affecting the search presence of the website. A shift was much needed and I had a few ideas in my mind.

Cricket Castle logo

So why rebrand?

Well, there are several reasons for the rebrand:

  • For years, many contents on Cricket Castle had been blacklisted by Google affecting the website’s SEO performance, traffic and Google AdSense revenue.
  • EA Sports Cricket 07 modding community was slowly dying and with the release of Big Ant’s Cricket 19, the hype for Cricket 07 became lesser and lesser affecting our website’s traffic. Since Cricket 19 had an inbuilt “My Cricket Academy” where users can download and create content like faces, teams etc. with ease, users felt redundant to open our website.
  • Most importantly, my interest in Cricket was gradually fading away. I started this website because I loved the sport and the Cricket games that existed. I started watching other sports like Football and Tennis more religiously so I thought I should expand my niche beyond Cricket.

It’s pretty evident that the rebranding wasn’t a difficult choice for me. I am excited about this because I’ve been playing a lot of games like FIFA, PES, Football Manager, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Stardew Valley (I can go on) lately and there aren’t many websites dedicated to mods for the same.

The man behind everything

Ayush, from Kolkata is the lone man behind the website. All the design, development, content writing and maintenance on OMGAyush, Cricket Patches, Cricket Castle and Stellar Mods had been done by Ayush. About me – I am a tech enthusiast, gamer and a passionate blogger. I try my best to respond to every comment on the website and on the social media. I religiously follow sports, especially Cricket, Football and Tennis.