• January 25, 2022

pepsi ipl 6 patch ea sports cricket 2007

Yes, we all know about this patch, completely made by A2 Studios and the first patch ever to use the AC Studios 256 HD BatPack in Cricket07. That means it includes all the latest HD quality bats! Note that before downloading this patch, you agree to our disclaimer and visit A2 Studios’ Facebook & Twitter and like & follow them!

This patch completely belongs to A2 Studios. You can help them by giving them a like on Facebook and follow on twitter.



  • Genuine Kits
  • Realistic Stadiums
  • Authentic Faces
  • New Menu
  • New Pitchads
  • HQ Overlay + Menu
  • New Roster
  • New outfields


Well, the installation is pretty simple. Just follow these steps:-

  • Firstly, download the patch and use the .exe installer. Select your root directory of Cricket07 (the location where you installed the game) – by default it is C:Program FilesEA SportsEA Sports(TM) Cricket07.
  • Then, download the stadium pack and extract them in your root directory.
  • Download & Install the AC Studios 256 HD BatPack.
  • After that, download the roster and paste the roster WITH folder in My DocumentsEA Sports(TM)Cricket07 or UserDocumentsEA Sports(TM) Cricket07 and when you’ve opened the game load that.



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New Pepsi Ipl6 t20 Patch for ea cricket 07

New Pepsi Ipl6 t20 Patch for ea cricket 07
New Pepsi Ipl6 t20 Patch for ea cricket 07
New Pepsi Ipl6 t20 Patch for ea cricket 07
New Pepsi Ipl6 t20 Patch for ea cricket 07



If your game keeps on exiting on it’s on and crashing in between, either you haven’t installed the patch properly (incase you receive .big and .fsh async errors) – that means you have to load the roster, install batpack and the stadiums properly.

If your PC does not have good graphics card which could handle the high textures, then follow the following steps:-


  • After Following above steps, launch the Cricket07.exe
  • In main menu, go to My CricketLoad > Load the roster “IPL6.ROS
  • then go to Games Modes > Domestic ENGLISH/INDIAN CRICKET
  • Select PEPSI IPL T20, Set the fixtures as “2006” and overs as “20
  • Set the use team, start playing the Patch!


  • Boundary Music Patch by A2 Studios: Click Here
  • A better gameplay patch (by Ankit or Charu)
  • Camera Patch by Ankit
 *Note: The download links are NOT uploaded by me. If you want the upload files to be removed, please contact the uploader. The patch is uploaded by the creator itself, and the roster too. The stadium pack’s link has been found out from the internet. None of the download links are uploaded by me.

If you are receiving errors, please don’t hesitate to comment below. I will try my best to help you out for this patch. Also, don’t get confused with the trailer video – there is no such commentary patch for Cricket07 – its not possible! The video is just edited.

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